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August 27, 2012

Magickal Items, Magickal Tools

I have been receiving a lot of e-mails from people asking me where to get supplies and where to pick up magickal items for their spells and rituals.  People always ask me where I get all my items from for Rituals.

Truthfully, I do a lot of my shopping online at stores like Amazon and eBay as I find there is a larger variety that is offered and I can usually find whatever it is that I need.  Sometimes I go to my local metaphysical store but sometimes it is just easier and more convenient to shop online.  Also, there are some items that in order to get good quality you have to either make it yourself or go online.

Some people live in area’s where they do not have a local Metaphysical store or place where they can pick up casting supplies, so I added this section to the site to make it easier for all of you to get the supplies for your spells.  I will be making improvements and updates as time goes on and offering more and more items but as of today we have officially launched our Online Store sections of Black Magic Secrets.

You can take a look here…

Please check it out and if you would like to see certain items featured please let me know and I will see if I can find them!

Happy Shopping!


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Akelta has always had an interest in the occult and exploring the unseen world of spirit. She began her magickal journey at the young age of 6 years when she discovered that she came from a long line of spell casters and witches. She lives a truly magickal existence, not only in exploring the spirit world, but also using her abilities to create the life of her dreams. Aside from being an Occultist and Sourceress, she is also an artist and writer and in her spare time enjoys painting and drawing visions she receives from the spiritual world. She also enjoy drawing and reading peoples auras who request it of her. If you are interested in awakening our own spiritual ability and walking your unique spiritual path then visit Black Magic Secrets and get the tools you need to begin your spiritual quest. What are you waiting for?

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