Hot Foot Powder Candle Ritual

Here is a really awesome Hot Foot Canlde Ritual designed to banish and unwanted person from your life.




Items you Require…

~ Photo of the person whom you wish to banish (or virgin paper)
~ Red Ink
~ Black Candle
~ Hot Foot Oil
~ Hot Foot Powder
~ Nine Sewing Needles
~ Hot Foot Incense (If you have them, this is optional)


Ritual Instructions…

This ritual should be done in the night time as it is of a darker nature and involves bani

1. Take the photo of the person or the piece of paper and with the red ink write their name on it nine times.

2. Anoint the black candle with hot foot powder (rub the oil into the candle) and mark the candle into sections with the nine sewing needles.

3.  Take the photo/paper and dip the corners in the Hot Foot Oil then sprinkle Hot Foot Powder over them.

4. Place the Photo underneath a saucer under the black candle (the saucer is to prevent fire hazard)

5.  Light the candle (if you have them the Hot Foot Incense)  and Let the candle burn down to the first needle.  Which the candle is burning concentrate all your desire and focus on ridding yourself of the person you wish to banish.

6.  Once the flame reaches the first needle, blow out the candle and take the needle and put it into the picture/paper.


Double Cross

Double Cross

7.  Wait  a day and do the ritual again letting the candle burn down to the next needle.  Make sure that every time you go to light the candle you anoint it with Hot Foot Oil and concentrate all your desire on being rid of the person.  Once it has burned down to the next needle, take the needle and stick it into the picture/photo,  preparing to make the double cross.  Because this is a hoodoo ritual you will make a double cross with the needles which is two needles going in one direction and then the third needle crossing through the other two.  This will be done on the third day.

8.  Do this every day until you are down to the last needle.

9. On the last day when the candle has burned down to the final needle.  Remove the image from under the saucer, Complete your final double cross with the last needle and then burn the paper in flames.

10.  Mix the ashes of the Photo with the Hot Foot Powder and throw them into running water over your left shoulder.  Walk away and never look back.

11.  When you are done wash your own doorway with salt and sweep away from the house to remove any remaining unwanted energies.  Remember while sweeping to walk backwards.  When you are finished, walk backwards towards the house and close the door.

That concludes the Hot Foot Powder Candle Ritual.

Happy Casting!


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3 Responses to “Hot Foot Powder Candle Ritual”

  1. Stranger Says:

    I want to knw hw cn i keep my ex unsatisfied through did ritual and away frm me hez harrasin me nd i cnt find oil,stone

  2. Harry Says:

    I really like this ritual, and had to add my slight variation on it to my blog. I have also included my recipe for Hot Foot Powder, which I use personally and find to be effective.

    Check it out and let me know what you think 🙂



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