Power of Hot Foot Powder

Hoodoo Priestess

Hoodoo Priestess

Hot Foot Powder is a great Black Magic Tool!  It can also be referred to as “Drive Away” or “Get Away” Power.  It has many uses, but it is primarily used to rid one of bad people, or people who are bothersome in your life.  It is also a great tool for getting revenge on an ex-lover by causing them to roam the world forever alone and unsatisfied.

Hot Foot powered is used primarily in Hoodoo magic, but I have found that adding it to black magic spells especially revenge spells, increase the power of the spells and actually make it so the person I am targeting never contacts me again.  It is also great at eliminating trouble makers in the home.

There are different recipes of Hot Foot Power out there, but mostly they are made with a blend of Red Pepper, Sulphur, Salt, and other essential oils and herbal extracts.  It usually has a nice spicy scent and is quite nice.  Hot Foot Power is exceptionally powerful and is considered an “Evil” Powder similar to Goofer Dust, Crossing Powder and Graveyard Dirt.

A lot of spells used in Hoodoo find their origins  Ancient African Foot Track magic.  Foot Track Magic uses peoples foot prints in rituals and spells in order to get them to leave a town, jinx them, and bring them under control.

One way to use Hot Foot Powder to make a person go away is to collect some dirt from the foot print of the unwanted person.

Hot Foot Powder

Hot Foot Powder

Prepare a piece of virgin parchment and put the name of the person you wish to go away 9 times.  Take the dirt and place it on the virgin parchment.  Sprinkle it with Hot Foot Powder.  Take the powder including the foot print dirt and toss it over your shoulder into water.  Them burn the paper never looking back at the water and walk away.   This person will them leave you alone or completely disappear from your world.  A River works best for this spell.

Another way to use Hot Foot Powder is to sprinkle in across the troublemakers foot tracks or upon a doorstep where they will walk.  There is a technique to sprinkling the powered.  Make sure you are walking backwards and you sprinkle the powered access their path and be focused on the person you wish to banish.  This will keep them from entering this area and will cause them to leave you and your family alone.  If you cross their path with the powder in their own property then they will be forced into a life of restless wandered and never be able to return home.

If you can get ahold of a show or sock of the person you wish to be rid of you can place Hot Foot Powder in them.  It will drive the unwanted person out of your life and they will leave you alone.  The powder will not hurt them or cause them discomfort, it will just cause them to leave.

Freshly Made Hot Foot Powder

Freshly Made Hot Foot Powder

A creative use for Hot Foot Powder one of my friends came up with involved a renter she had.  She was very unhappy with a renter she had and wanted them to leave immediately without having to go through all the hassles of evicting someone.  She dissolved some Hot Foot Powder into a spray bottle.  She went for her monthly inspection armed with the spray bottle and pretended to be cleaning light fixtures and other spots she saw on the walls.  Then on her way out she sprinkled some Hot Foot Powder across the door.  The person moved out on their own within a week.  My friend was very very happy!

Hot Foot Powder is a great tool for any Black Magician and if you are serious, I would suggest making yourself up a batch.  Not only is it great for banishing, but it is also an excellent tool to add to black magic spells.

Happy Casting!



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5 Responses to “Power of Hot Foot Powder”

  1. Cindi Hummel Says:

    will this work on my husband who I want to leave?? he has been with me for 15 yrs and been emotionally abusive. I don’t have the strength to tell him to leave.

  2. Priestess Akelta Says:

    For emotional abuse I really recommend seeking help, and also working to empower yourself. It is scary leaving an abusive relationship but there are many resources out there to help women. This will help but I also recommend making sure your physical basis are covered by seeking help and working to empower yourself. http://www.thehotline.org

  3. Shanda Says:

    We had cat pass away on a full moon and we hotfoot our neighbor. Will our cat passing on full moon make hotfoot more powerful. And how long does it take for hotfoot to work

  4. Aldea Says:

    Do I need need the person’s name for this or is there an alternative way of doing this? Getting the person’she name has been a challenge for me. Any suggestions? They live above me and they’ve caused lots of problems!

  5. Priestess Akelta Says:

    Any tag on them will work, getting a picture of them will also work. If you have seen them you can also visualize them in your mind while doing the working.

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