Sigils in Everyday Life

One of the Greatest and most powerful skills in Black Magic is that of Sigil Magick.  Sigil magick is where you make a desire reality by creating sigils of these desires and focusing energy into it. The sigil then acts as a magical beacon that manifests the desire into your reality.

 What is a sigil? It is basically a sign, word or image that is considered magickal in some way or another.  It is any image or design that has been charged with energy that is meant to fulfil a purpose.  Some sigils are personal and are charged with personal energy and meant to fulfill ones personal desires.   These sigils are usually always created by the magician and are specifically designed to fulfill it’s purpose and manifest the desires of the magician.



Some sigils are charged with the energy of entities and used to call on entity to aid you in some endeavour.  In evocation. we use sigils to call forth an entity that we wish to communicate with.  A good example of this  are the 72 Goetic spirits that are described in the Goetia (a book that I suggest you get if you are serious about magick) .  These entities each have their own sigil and when a proper ritual is preformed they will appear before the magician and assist them.

The type of sigils I am going to teach you about today are the sigils that you create yourself to manifest your desires. Sigil magick is very powerful black magic and yet it is so simple to use most are blown away.

Just a quick note; You would be surprised to know that most people who are successful in their life use sigil magick in one form or another.  Some people do not even know they are using sigil magick when they do it. And most people who are effected by it do not even know they are being influenced by magick. A lot of the logos for the brand names for popular companies are sigils.  Some sigils I’ll bet you did not know were sigils. Believe it or not MacDonald’s logo and the Coca Cola logo are both sigils.  Look at how well they do, These sigils were designed to help the buisness grow, and look at how well they do. This art is not just reserved for giant coorporations, you can do it as well!

McDonald's Golden Arches

McDonald's Golden Arches



To preform sigil magick, the first thing you have to do it pick a desire that you want granted and then write it down.  Once it is written down meditate on it and have a clear image of what you want in your mind. Once you have a clear image of the desire take some time to focus on it and see it manifesting itself into your reality.

The next step is to create a sigil.  The easiest way to do that is to take a word that represents what you want.  Lets say you want more Money.  So write out the word money of a piece of paper . Take out the vowels, and you will them be left with the letters M and N.  Now this is the fun part, play around with the letters until you get a really neat looking image that resonates with you.  This whole creation process of the sigil helps to make it stronger because it is your sigil and you are pouring your energies into it.  Once you have moulded the letters into an image that is right for you focus on it again and think about what it is that you have created the sigil for.  Be passionate about it.  The more passionateyou are, the more energy you’ll direct into it, and the faster it will manifest.  After, put the sigil in a place that feels right for you. You can keep the sigil on you, make it into a necklace, put it in a safe place, whatever you want.

Make sure that you take action towards making that desire happen. If you create a sigil to win a house draw you cannot hope to win unless you actually buy a ticket.

Sigil magick is one of the greatest forms of magick.  The only limit to sigil magick is ones imagination.  Seriously! The imagination is all that limits it.  That is why some people say Art is the greatest form of magick! Some people paint images of what they want. Then surround themselves with these images and have all their desires granted.  Even paintings can be a form of sigil magick as long as their are symbols in the painting that resonate with the magician. Anything that you put energy in that resonates with what you want will help bring it into your life. Surround yourself with energies that you want!  You can manifest anything you desire just remember, like all things magickal,  be specific and make sure you have a clear image of what you want.

This form of magick has generated some fabulous results.  Try it for yourself!

Happy Casting

Priestess Akelta.


If are serious about magick, eventually you will need a Goetia.  There are a few different types of them out there. Here is a list for you which might help you find the one that is right for you.

The Goetia, the Lesser Key of Solomon the King

Illustrated Goetia

Luciferian Goetia

Hardcover Goetia

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